Who We Are

Our mission: Feeding and serving people in their time of need

Forged by Fire is a non-profit disaster relief organization. Our goal is to help feed victims, volunteers and first responders in regional emergencies and natural disasters.

Our Community-Focused Model

We work with existing organizations within a community to maximize our efforts and to help build relationships in the community itself.

Local Churches

We have learned that local churches become a focal point during disasters. We strive to work in partnership with these organizations to make the most of our work and to also help highlight their existing ministries as a beacon of light and hope in their community.

Mobile Kitchen

How do we do this? Forged by Fire sets up our mobile kitchen trailer on site to prepare and serve meals for the community members in need.

Local Volunteers

We need you! We partner with local volunteers and our local ministry partners to help meet the needs within their own community.

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