Your support has been incredible!

Something that I should do everyday and get to busy to do, is to thank everyone. We have had incredible support the last 6 weeks for the work we have been doing in southeast Louisiana both in financial support, volunteer turnout and your prayers!

I know I might sound like a broken record, or at least a record that is skipping…. wait that expression might be missed on our younger supporters, but thank you! Thank you for believing in the work we share together here. Thank you!

Our network of support is varied and for that reason I am truly blessed and humbled by your gracious donations. All gifts large or small support the mission of feeding body and soul in the areas that we go and serve.

I would like to thank the Southern District of the LCMS and President Eric Johnson for his support of our work. But there is so many people that need that extra “Thank you”! We have truly been blessed by people of all ages and locations. From those we have served after previous deployments, to those we have never known. Speaking of that, I recently read a FB post of a young child in the St. Louis area who opened a lemonade stand to raise funds for our work. How cool is that! We have made a lot of new friends and new volunteers these past weeks and I look forward to our continued work together.

My final thank you is for The Village Church Lutheran in Lacombe Louisiana. My home church, the church I serve with my ministry. Their support has allowed us to do what we do. They believe in the mission of serving the community, not just in Lacombe, but wherever the mission of serving others takes us. For that, I am thankful! The food and supply donations that they have made this hurricane season has been priceless. Thank you to our Village family!

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