Pointe au Chien

As most areas in Southern Louisiana have regained power and basic services, there are still many areas in southeastern Louisiana that have not yet turned the corner.

One of those areas was Montegut and the Pointe au Chien Indian tribe.

The crew and our hosts
We added burgers today as an extra
Delicious shrimp pasta, along with a vegetable
Very few structures survived without damage
The two lane road was lined with debris (people’s possessions) a very sad sight
We adapted to our area …to get the job done

This was definitely a change of pace for us in regards to the size of the event. A smaller footprint on site was necessary because of parking and distance from our home base area.

Everyone pitched in and made this a successful day in serving this devastated community. We continue to be blessed with great volunteers who are willing to help their neighbors during these difficult days.

Thank you again for your support and prayers also.

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