Reflecting on the past year

The gate of our 22′ trailer

As we approach the end of 2021, I am able to reflect on the past year and on what we have been able to accomplish. But before I get to far down that road I must express my thanks to our great volunteer team and Board of Directors.

Our BOD this year has been incredible. Not just helping behind the scenes, they rolled up their sleeves and helped at almost every event we did this year. That might not sound like something amazing, but it was.

After Hurricane Ida, our BOD members were dealing with their own damage and complications from the storm. Yet whenever we loaded up to cook and serve, they were there. My hat is off to them for their devotion.

Thank you Danny and Debbie Hall, Kim and Barbara Crozier, Woody and Kim Keim and of course my wife Peggy for the incredible efforts this year.

But we could not do this without our great volunteer network. We have so many people locally who love getting out and serving our neighbors. I will name a few, but I know I will forget someone so please forgive me in advance. Some of our great support team include; Rochell, Jerri, Nick, Kathy, Brian, Marie, Paul, Carole, Carla, Irene, Walt, Tommy, Jeanne, John and Cheryl to name a few. We also received a new stream of volunteers from the LCMS through their LERT system. Many thanks to Mercy in Action for helping us through that process!

I need to also take a minute to thank those businesses and churches who support our work. The Village Church Lutheran in Lacombe is our number supporter. We have been truly blessed their support this year. Walmart and their community grant program has been a huge help over the years helping us feed people. The Southern District of the LCMS has jumped in to help our mission. Also this year, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has also stepped up with grants to help us provide meals to those in need. We have also been the recipient of the continued support of Steve’s RV in Lacombe. They have been instrumental in keeping our equipment on the road.

As you can tell, it takes a small army to make this happen. That army of supporters includes you! Yes, I have been amazed at the people who believe in what we do. We are humbled by all the people who we have met this past year who have jumped on board with financial support, or volunteering time and even helping us share what we do.

As we close out 2021, I look forward to what 2022 has in store. I hope that you continue to follow along with us down this road of serving and helping those in need. God bless and Happy New Year!

P.S. New web address

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