Community Outreach Event

Sunday we had the opportunity to work with Open Arms Ministries in Slidell. I was able to have to Rev. Charles Truax fill in for me at The Village Church Lutheran in Lacombe, which allowed me to take on this project on a Sunday. For us, this was a model event of what we would like to do in the future by partnering with churches looking for ways to reach out in love to their communities.

The weather was cold to start, but it turned to out to be a beautiful day in more ways than one. Our volunteer team showed up to work and made serving 1000 + meals look like a family dinner. I am always impressed by the dedication and hard work of those who support what we do! We could not do this without their help.

The members of Open Arms showed up in full support of this event along with 50 + youth from a group called Praying Pelicans Missions. I am always impressed when I see young Christians willing to take time out of their life to serve. We are so thankful for this experience.

Here are a few links I would like to share with you. My home church The Village Church Lutheran . Open Arms ministries in Slidell . Praying Pelicans

Photo credits Paul Ernewein, Emil Gretarsson and Praying Pelicans

Steve supervising Nick and Louis
All smiles today!
The platting line hard at work
Finished meals waiting to be delivered
Youth from Praying Pelicans serving Slidell
Jambalaya, green beans, Hawaiian roll and cookies
The youth from Praying Pelicans praying with those with prayer request

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