Feed the Multitudes

On a short notice we were asked if we could provide some cooking help for an event in the greater New Orleans area called “Feed the multitudes” held at and by Victory church on Airline Hwy. They only needed us to help cook the food and they would serve. So we decided to give them a hand and see what this event was all about.

I believe this was their 31st year of holding this event. An idea that the pastor of this church had was to have an outreach event where people could come out and enjoy some great Christian fellowship. The bonus of course was that they were inviting anyone and everyone. They rent school buses and go out into the surrounding communities, to various shelters to bring those especially in need to this event.

The church seems to be a well oil machined when it comes to this event. They had food, drinks, and a grocery give-a-away, but they also had a tents for manicures, hair washing and cutting, feet washing and new socks and shoes. I was totally amazed and humbled by the volunteers and they worked together. I overheard one teenage volunteer leader explaining to her helpers [maybe 4 or 5 other kids] what to do and remember to smile and to be kind to those they were serving. What a beautiful reminder for us all as we serve those in need. Be kind…

I hope that we are able to help with this even in the future and I would love to even be part of putting an event like this together with my Lutheran brothers across the city. Time will tell if we gather together for this type of ministry. No matter what, Forged by Fire and The Village Church will continue to serve those in need.

Many thanks again to our volunteers and sponsors. We continue to be blessed by the BEST!

The Village Church Lutheran, Steve’s RV for keeping us rolling, Walmart, and the many individuals that volunteer their time and money to keep us serving.

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