Headed to Selma

Next week we are bringing the team to Selma Alabama to support this community in their ongoing recovery work from recent tornado damage. We will be set up at and working with Trinity Lutheran in Selma to serve their community. Shepherds Heart ministry, our chainsaw and debris removal ministry from the Southern District is already there, so we will be joining them at this location.

Selma is not new for us. In years past, our church would come up to the campus of Concordia University in Selma to cook for the students, faculty and staff. As many of you know, Selma is a very historic city and we are looking forward to returning there and helping out in the best way we know how.

We would like to thank you all for your support of our work. Special thanks to The Village Church Lutheran in Lacombe, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, our local Walmart community markets and all of the volunteers who make these trips possible. Without your support, we could not do the work we do! If you would like to support our work, first things is to please uplift our volunteers in your prayers. If you would like to financially help our work, please visit our website for donation information. If you would like to come out and work with us in Selma, here is a link to the sign up page with our LERT system. https://www.lcms-lert.org/need/detail/?need_id=769773

Selma photo, courtesy of Shepherds Heart ministry.

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