Step Van build out

The new step van work continues as progress has been made on installation of the serving window.

You might say that you just had to cut a whole in the side of the van body. True or course, but much more complicated than that.

Measurements were taken multiple times and finally the aluminum wall could be cut. Then square tubing had to be installed to strengthen the wall. Once that was accomplished, the window could be sealed and installed. The whole process took about four to five hours.

While we were at the fabrication shop, a bracket was made for the roof a/c unit. I am always amazed by the talents of this shop.

Thank you Shane and Chad at Krazy Kajun for helping us today with this next step in our build.

Hole is cut and cleaned up
Bracing installed with window
Finished product
Shane working at cutting out a/c bracket
Chad using the brake to strengthen the a/c bracket

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