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Ft. Myers wrap up

After driving home on Thursday and spending Friday cleaning up equipment and moving trailers back into storage, Saturday was a day to recover. Sunday worship gave me a chance to reflect on all the blessings we enjoy and were able to share. I very thankful that The Village Church Lutheran in Lacombe allows me theContinue reading “Ft. Myers wrap up”

Ft Myers Video Clip

A short story done by a local reporter about our work in Ft. Myers Please check out our Facebook page to see more photos of our work there.

Ft. Myers Florida

This week we were finally able to head down to Ft. Myers to help the community surrounding St. Michael Lutheran Church. In two days we were able to prep, cook and serve over 6000 meals. I am so proud of our volunteers who made all of this possible. I must say how blessed we areContinue reading “Ft. Myers Florida”

St Louis wrap up

A trip to Concordia Seminary is always an enjoyable experience. This year was no different. This trip is our way of giving back to the students, faculty and staff. We had a great great group of experienced volunteers who love cooking and sharing their love for Jesus with others! The menu for this year includedContinue reading “St Louis wrap up”

New Comfort Trailer

The comfort trailer is almost completely finished. This project started at the beginning of the year and is wrapping up as I write this post. This unit has two combination bathrooms (showers and toilets). It also has a full size washer and dryer. In addition, we were able to keep the kitchenette area, so weContinue reading “New Comfort Trailer”


At a recent Board of Directors meeting we decided to order our own AED to carry with us on our deployments. We had been fortunate to borrow a unit from The Village Church, but it was time for us to have our own unit. Well it finally came in! Like many items in our currentContinue reading “AED”

KFUO Radio Interview

I am thankful for having the chance to share a little about what we do with the listeners to KFUO Radio on the Coffee Hour podcast with Andy Bates and Sarah Gulseth.

Summer reading list

If you are looking for some interesting books to read on the subject of Christian mercy in action, I highly recommend these books. Each book offers a unique prospective on helping those in need. I have a few chapters left in one book and I look forward to sharing some thoughts on each book atContinue reading “Summer reading list”


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