Our Vision

People often ask me if we have a business plan for Forged by Fire. We do, it might not be what most think a business plan looks like. Our plan is to feed people and care for their body and soul. It is plan that does not show a profit in any way this world might consider profitable. But that is way it is supposed to be.

We have a phased plan for Forged by Fire. Currently we are in Phase One of this plan.

Phase one is the basic building phase. We have assembled a great Board of Directors and have been working diligently to build this Non-Profit with a solid foundation.

In phase one we will be purchasing some new equipment for Forged by Fire. Our first major purchase will be a new truck and trailer for our operation.

a 21′ Sundowner bumper pull trailer

Phase Two

Phase two is when we begin to fulfill the vision of creating a comfort village for those in need. This includes the purchase of a restroom/shower trailer and laundry trailer. We will also need support equipment in this phase. This could include a larger generator trailer and potentially a fresh water trailer unit. A trailer unit to transport tents, chairs and other supplies.

We want to provide that safe oasis for people in need. Here in our comfort village, those in need of a break could shower, do laundry, grab something to eat and if needed, even talk with a counseling professional and chaplain.

I am excited about phase two and hope to see this part of our plan take place in the near future.

Phase Three

Is there a phase three? We believe there will be a phase three to our operation. What it will look like is yet to be determined. I think we can all agree it will be in line with our vision of helping those in need.

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