Our Vision

Our vision is simple. To help people in need. We do this by feeding people and caring for them in their darkest time. That is our focus, our mission. It is simple because it flows from our hearts which have been changed by the love of God.

Phase one is the basic building phase. We have assembled a great Board of Directors and have been working diligently to build this Non-Profit with a solid foundation.

In phase one we purchased our truck and two trailers for us to fulfill our mission of feeding those in need after disasters. The Village Church Lutheran made a generous donation of cooking equipment to help fill those trailers. We are proud to work together with them in sharing the love of Jesus in our communities.

a 21′ Sundowner bumper pull trailer

Phase two is when we begin to fulfill the vision of creating a comfort village for those in need. This includes the purchase of a restroom/shower trailer and in time a laundry trailer.

We want to provide that safe oasis for people in need. Here in our comfort village, those in need of a break could shower, do laundry, grab something to eat and if needed, even talk with a counseling professional and chaplain.

I am excited about phase two and hope to see this part of our plan take place in the near future.

We are currently working on building out a food truck for disaster and community work. This unit when finished will be able to take a small two person team into neighborhoods where our current equipment does not fit. The truck for this project has been purchased and we look forward to the build out of the inside of this mobile kitchen.

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