Our Vision

People often ask me do we have a business plan for Forged by Fire. We do, our plan is to feed people and care for their body and soul. It is a plan that does not show a profit in any way. But, that is the way it is supposed to be.

Now in order to do the work we do, we do need investors. We need people who believe in what we do. We need people who see the need for the work we do.

We have a phased plan for Forged by Fire. Currently, we are in Phase One of this plan.

Phase one is the basic building phase. We have assembled a great Board of Directors and have been working diligently to build this Non-Profit with a solid foundation.

In phase one we will be purchasing some new equipment for Forged by Fire. Our first major purchase will be a new truck and trailer for our operation. This new trailer will give us plenty of cargo area and allow us a living area for overnight trips if needed. We will be looking to purchase a smaller trailer that is also equipped with A/C and a bathroom. This trailer also has plenty of cargo area for us to transport our cooking equipment.

Phase two is when we begin to fulfill the vision of creating a comfort village for those in need. This includes the purchase of a restroom/shower trailer and laundry trailer. We will also need support equipment in this phase. This could include a larger generator trailer and potentially a fresh water trailer unit. A trailer unit to transport tents, chairs and other supplies.

We want to provide a safe oasis for people in need. Here in our comfort village, those in need of a break could shower, do laundry, grab something to eat and if needed, even talk with a counseling professional and chaplain.

I am excited about phase two and hope to see this part of our plan take place in the near future.

Is there a phase three? We believe there will be a phase three to our operation. What it will look like is yet to be determined. I think we can all agree it will be in line with our vision of helping those in need.

Do you want to help make this happen? Think about it, pray about it…. Is this something that you think is worthy of your support. If it is, please reach out and let’s talk about the future.

Your friend

Rev. Paul Ernewein

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